• Winds of Change

    Winds of

    Moving towards financial inclusion

  • 2+ Billion unbanked people globally

    2+ Billion unbanked
    people globally

    India is home to 2nd largest financially excluded population

  • Bridging the coverage gap

    Bridging the
    coverage gap

    For the large uninsured population

  • Small loans for big dreams

    Small loans for
    big dreams

    Changing the dependency on private money lenders that exploit the gap

  • Growth in electronic payments

    Growth in electronic

    While cash remains pervasive, electronic payments are proliferating

About US

Delivering the next wave of financial services leveraging technology and mobile internet.

IndiaNext is focused on the underserved consumers in India and offers integrated solutions facilitating across the board financial inclusion. In collaboration with traditional banking / financial services providers it delivers opportunities like direct cash transfers, Person2Person lending, SME financing, short term loans, insurance products & more. It also works with large PSUs and Government Institutions leveraging low cost alternative for distribution of salaries, pensions, lending, insurance, payments and secure transaction services. Our award winning platform is widely accepted.

Over 12 million existing users

1 million transactions per month

Integration with 10,000 offline merchants

Presence at over 200+ websites


Mobile Commerce Leveraging the mobile commerce payment platform, IndiaNext is servicing its consumers through local products & services.


Financial Inclusion We are simplifying Payments. We are providing inclusiveness. We are servicing the underserved.


Our award winning Reserve Bank of India (RBI) approved open loop mobile wallet platform, yPayCash, makes transacting effortless. Integration with National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) enables real time money transfer between accounts leveraging (Immediate Payment Service (IMPS).

The platform is 100% secure & fraud proof with multiple patents in the field of security and payment technology

  • Make payments to merchants or transfer funds to your friends & family or bank account
  • Upload cash from over 4,000 branches & 42,000 business correspondents of our partner banks
  • Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Form acceptance at any of the partner bank branches
  • Co-branded white label Debit card with partner banks
  • No frill saving account in the bank
  • Interest payment on wallet balance

eCredit & Loans

Focused on financial inclusion our enterprise grade payment system can deliver micro lending solutions.

  • Salary advances: get salary advances seamlessly into their eWallets
  • Education Loans: compare & apply for education loans etc
  • Micro / Small business: secure & manage micro loans
  • Farmer loans: identify loan sources and sign up effortlessly
  • Term loans (1 - 12 months): search for best deals on short term loans


  • Life
  • Accident
  • Farmer / Crop
  • Auto
  • No frill saving account in the bank
  • Others


Mobile is increasingly becoming the first device introducing the user to the world of internet in India. We had preempted this usage shift and singularly focused on building solutions leveraging the hand held devices.

Today our multiple award winning technology platform is the bedrock for providing the next generation mobile internet enabled financial services solutions in India.

Leveraging simplistic technology architecture, the financial management system is robust and enterprise grade. It allows scalability & seamless handshake between various partners that enables IndiaNext to deliver ecommerce/payment solutions, person-to-person (P2P), person-to-merchant (P2M) and person-to-bank (P2B) transfers in real time as well.
Integrating the mobile wallet account with a Bank Identification Number (BIN) has enabled an open-loop functionality for customer to withdraw funds from any ATM across the country.

Winner of multiple awards including:


Our partners are our greatest strength. We have signed up with 2 of the largest banks in the county - ICICI Bank and Yes Bank.

The partnership with the banks allows us to enable the following for our users:

  • Real time fund transfer from eWallet to Bank account.
  • Upload cash from over 4,000 branches & 42,000 business correspondents
  • Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Form acceptance at any of the bank branches
  • Co-branded white label Debit card
  • No frill saving account in the bank
  • Interest payment on wallet balance

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