Who we are ?

IndiaNext is the best B2B platform which brings developers and brokers at one place.

The brokers can chat and meet the developers and vice-versa.

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Why Choose Us ?

Meeting Needs & Wants

Brokers and builders their profiles. Disclose their properties and needs. And get connected

Certified Training

IndiaNext provides certified training accredited by RERA. the 100 hours short training course could open doors to new opportunities

Newbies Best Friend

Fresh Real estate agents/brokers can advertise themselves for ZERO cost.

Suitable for Developers

IndiaNext provides trained and well informed brokers to the developers. This helps them flourish their business.

For Brokers

Wide Reach

You can now conduct business in other cities and states, which were not previously within your purview.

Broad Network

For social and professional tangents, connect with brokers, builders, or your peer group.

Branding Yourself

Websites bearing your own brand that were developed using cutting-edge technology.


For Developers

Direct Contact

Connect with the brokers directly to sell your inventory rapidly and reduce your marketing expenses by using other channels less frequently.

Broad Network

Broad network connect with many brokers simultaneously across different geographies, increasing your chances of selling your property more quickly.

Easy Marketing

Now you may plan significant events to advertise your properties or marketing initiatives.