About Us

IndiaNext is a visionary enterprise with the aspiration to empower the multitude of unemployed youth with the requisite skills and build a bridge to opportunities, leading to sustainable employment and entrepreneurship.

IndiaNext is a leading provider of vocational education and training in the country and looks to address the concern of skilled talent requirement of real estate sector by successfully creating a professional workforce.

IndiaNext Vision

IndiaNext is an initiative in association with the government of India in 2022 to train unemployed Indian youth in the real estate industry and provide them opportunity to grow like an entrepreneur. Our vision is to create an empowered workforce in real estate sector with the help of various schemes and training courses.

To regulate the Indian Real Estate market by combining RERA policies and practices. To create a model on supporting and encouraging those who desire the freedom to carve their own path, their own way

IndiaNext Mission

To provide adequate training in real estate market along with the relevant skills to the youth across India.

To create adequate opportunities for the development of talent in real estate sector within the country and improve the overall scope and space for this un-regularized market. To create an ecosystem which is self-sustained and can be easily replicated all cross the country.

To encourage youth to become the next generation entrepreneur.

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Our Expert Team

Rajat Chandwani


Jyoti Chandwani


K R Ranjith


Naveen Chandwani

(Project Head)

Varun Jolly

(Sr Manager - IT Operations)